Irfan Cheema, born in 1975, completed his formal education from Lahore. He obtained  degree in fashion design and moved to Cairo in 2001. He spent nearly three years there extensively traveling in the region, observing, studying and absorbing its rich and diverse culture. Its in Cairo that he first publicly exhibited his work. Irfan has made Shanghai his home for more than a decade now where rich mandarin culture and history infused with modernity of the city is endlessly inspiring. He devotes his time between lecturing aspiring to be designers on a franco-Chinois platform and painting in his studio.


Irfan  did not have any formal training in art besides fundamental drawing. He is a self taught painter developing his technique after carefully studying work by the artists of classic realism. His work celebrates nature, life and creative heritage of places he has visited, lived in and loved. Amongst his avid supporters and toughest critics are his wife and two sons.